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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Southland Orchid Show

The show this year was much more comprehensive than last year's. It seemed like much more effort was put into the displays, which brilliantly showcased the orchids by placing them in more natural arrangements with wood and moses rather than placing them in pots. I was also happy to bring home a rather large haul, mostly due to the presence of Piping Rock Orchids which specializes in paphs and phrags. They were selling a few Kovachii hybrids and one species plant, but I lack the kind of disposable income needed to undertake that venture (the species seedling was selling for $225.00) and although the chlorophyll of slipper orchid runs through my veins, I have been bled dry this month by the need for a new bank of T-5's for the nepenthes. Over all, it was a good show, I hope over the following years that they can keep expanding it. I think that more then a few vendors opted out this year due to the lack of turnout last year, but it seemed like things had picked up. I think that it might behoove the Huntington to change the dates slightly, a few weeks in either direction. The hot weather isn't good for the plants nor their patrons.

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