Gardens are a form of autobiography. -Sydney Eddison

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Costa Rican Butterfly Vine (Dalechampia dioscoreifolia)

Second only to passion vines as an all time favorite, the Costa Rican Butterfly Vine boasts delicate, tissue-paper thin leaves, aptly named for their shape and that they appear to flutter in the wind. Here in Southern California they will bloom on and off all year. They require average watering and seem to enjoy dappled sun or light shade, particularly in summer when the sun really bears down. When the weather heats up they need to be watered much more frequently or they seem to burn. They are not invasive, and are twining so, require a trellis to climb. A beautiful plant and an asset to any garden, this vine will certainly bring a little whimsy to your garden.

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